Crawl Budget Optimization Services

Crawl budget determines how many pages Google can and wants to visit on your website. Don’t rely on the mercy of bots ‒ optimize your crawl budget to see all your valuable pages rank on Google.

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What are crawl budget optimization services?

Crawl budget optimization services aim to make Googlebot crawl your valuable pages faster and more extensively. The ultimate way to optimize crawling is to fully understand how crawlers like Googlebot get through your website and why they can’t visit more of your important pages.

Optimizing your crawl budget is a crucial step in technical SEO. A healthy crawl budget significantly contributes to the success of your website from the SEO perspective.

How crawl budget optimization affects your business

Crawl budget optimization entails creating a dedicated strategy for your website to:

  • Speed up the discovery of your content,
  • Boost the visibility of your pages in search results,
  • Increase the frequency of Google crawling your most valuable pages,
  • Identify and address your crawling and indexing issues.

Depending on your industry, your expectations for optimizing the crawl budget may differ:

Own tools, no guesswork


Ensure you don’t experience any delays in crawling and indexing your news articles.

Expert team

Real estate

Fight back your discovery issues and unlock the visibility of your listings to get ahead of your competitors.

Unique attitude

eCommerce & Marketplace

Make sure that bots visit your category and product pages more often and efficiently flow through your website structure.

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Crawl budget optimization — scope of work

Each website has different needs, so we take a personalized approach to optimize the crawl budget.

No template checklist will help you unless you navigate other aspects of your website that fall into crawl budget optimization and may also affect your website’s health.

At Onely, we know how to improve your crawl budget in the context of technical SEO.

We take care of crawl budget optimization with regards to:

Crawling and indexing strategy

Being aware of what pages bots can crawl and index is key. With our guidance, you will build a sound strategy to improve and speed up the discovery of your URLs.

JavaScript-based resources

A large number of unoptimized JavaScript files may overload your server. Our goal is to ensure no unnecessary code is blocking your crawling potential.

Website structure

If you have duplicate or poorly linked pages, crawlers may not want to or know how to flow through your website. We will help you build a logical website structure.

Web performance

We want to speed up your website to make crawlers visit it more often. Your server performance is a key factor here.

Although, you need to remember that the areas above may not exclusively address your issues. Reach out to us for crawl budget optimization services to discover the aspects potentially holding your website’s crawling back.

Crawl budget optimization workflow

  • Discovery

    After you contact us, we set up a discovery call when you tell us about your website and business needs.

  • Research

    We analyze the current status of your website by looking at your crawl stats and server logs (if available).

    Measuring how heavily your domain struggles with a low crawl budget is the only proper way for us to decide on the next steps.

  • Recommendations

    We understand that optimizing your crawl budget is a complex process related to various aspects of your website, like indexing strategy or web performance. You will get an actionable plan depending on the areas that need improvement.

    Whatever our recommendations are, we adjust the plan of action to your immediate and long term business goals.

  • Implementation

    We aim to work hand in hand with your development team. It means that you can be sure that our recommendations will be implemented according to our agreed-upon plan.

    Throughout the crawl budget optimization process, we monitor your domain regularly and report on any technical SEO issues that may occur.

Work with world-class experts.

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What makes us different?

We explored the complexity of crawled budget optimization in the wild. And with years of practical experience in technical SEO, we know that you can’t optimize your crawl budget without proper guidance and supervision in the long run.

You won’t hear empty promises regarding ‘how fast you’ll see the results.’ We know that how long the crawl budget optimization will take depends on your website’s size and the complexity of the issues. On average, it takes up from 2 weeks to 3 months.

But no matter how complex your website is, we will get you covered with support through:

  • 01


    Get help through strategizing, prioritizing, and testing.

  • 02


    Check how we adjust to your needs, framework, and tools.

  • 03


    Reach out to us at any level of crawl budget optimization, as we are always ready for ad-hoc consulting with you.

Our customers love what we do

“I’ve worked with a dozen or more SEO companies. Your team has deeper knowledge and more actionable recommendations than anyone I’ve worked with.

Internally, we say that the top tier of SEO companies we’ve worked with play checkers. Onely plays chess.”

Brian H. Toolan

Co-Founder & CEO, TPC Interactive

“We were impressed by the technical depth of the initial audit and how fast Onely responded to our questions.” 

Kevin Indig

Head of SEO

“After implementing all of Onely’s strategies and implementations, the company’s organic traffic rose by 129%. The team was kind and professional, making working with them efficient and pleasant.”

Arkadiusz Łatko

Online Marketing Expert, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA

“I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider.

I feel that they are an internal part of our team.”

Joel A. Thomas

CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

“They really know their stuff regarding technical SEO. The team is experienced with coding, analyzing server logs, and on-page optimization.”

Olivian Stoica

SEO Expert, 123FormBuilder SRL

“After months of stagnation, our visibility was suddenly unblocked and growing quickly right after we implemented recommendations from Onely.”

Łukasz Klimkiewicz

Head of IT, Abriga Polska