EAT SEO Services

Although EAT isn’t an officially confirmed ranking factor, it still has an impact on your organic traffic. We make sure your website appropriately demonstrates expertise to adhere to Google’s quality guidelines.

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What are EAT SEO services?

EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It is a concept derived from Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines – a document helping Search Quality Raters assess the quality of websites and search results served on Google.

In other words, following Google’s recommendations in terms of EAT may help you demonstrate your knowledge and professionalism to build trust with your website’s users.

EAT SEO services get you covered within these three different aspects:

Own tools, no guesswork


Show that you are an expert in your field who knows the topic inside-out.

Expert team


Underline that you are an educated specialist with authority in a particular niche.

Unique attitude


Prove that you are a trusted professional that customers can rely on.

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How does EAT influence SEO?

EAT doesn’t directly contribute to your rankings through any measurable factors.

However, it represents a group of aspects that can influence your website’s quality and actually reflect how your pages rank.

Is E-A-T a ranking factor? Not if you mean there’s some technical thing like with speed that we can measure directly.

We do use a variety of signals as a proxy to tell if content seems to match E-A-T as humans would assess it.

In that regard, yeah, it’s a ranking factor.

source: Danny Sullivan

By meeting the EAT signals, you help Google:

  • Better understand the context of the content on the Web, and
  • Provide users with credible information within ranking pages.

Consequently, your content ranks higher because Google knows it is a reliable source of information that serves specific user intent.

There is no specific “EAT score” you need to qualify for a better position in SERPs. But not taking care of your EAT will certainly contribute to the lower quality of your content and reflect on your website’s rankings. 

When taking care of EAT is important for all sites, it is particularly crucial if you manage a Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) website.

And, depending on what your area of expertise is, the way you approach your EAT optimization may differ.

For example, for an eCommerce website’s users, it is important to see real product reviews. On medical pages – it’s more important to get advice from an educated medical specialist.

Raising your EAT is a complex process that involves making sure you always serve high-quality content that is beneficial to users and doesn’t put at risk their safety or financial stability.

Still unsure of how EAT can influence your rankings?

Read the case study on our blog to learn how unoptimized EAT contributed to their significant visibility drop.

EAT SEO services — scope of work

Although we don’t directly optimize your content, we can guide you on specific SEO aspects you can implement on your website to improve its quality rating.

EAT SEO services are a subsection of Technical SEO. What it means for you is that we do our best to check all bases on your website’s technical side.

Our EAT SEO services focus on:

  • Making sure that you provide both Google and users with high-quality, original, and thoroughly researched content,
  • Showcasing your content creators with experience in a given field on your pages,
  • Exposing your users’ opinions to underline your reputation in the industry,
  • Adjusting your website structure to ensure you make your contact information and ‘About’ page easily accessible and intuitive to find,
  • Making sure that each page in your website’s hierarchy has a purpose and answers specific user intent,
  • Leaving clear instructions for Quality Raters on ads and sponsored content used on your website,
  • Checking on your internal and external linking to ensure you provide users with reliable and qualitative sources of information, and
  • Working on your website secure connection and guiding you through the HTTP to HTTPS migration when needed.

EAT SEO services workflow

  • Discovery

    After you contact us, we set up a meeting to:

    • Initially analyze your website to understand its current status, and
    • Learn about your website and business goals.

    We estimate how long the process can take depending on your website’s size and the complexity of SEO aspects that need to be addressed, like internal linking or website structure optimization.

  • Research

    We analyze your website to find out:

    • How heavily Google and users may struggle with assessing your website’s reliability,
    • If your pages correspond with Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines,
    • If you are providing users with factual and up-to-date content,
    • How your industry-specific needs may translate into the EAT optimization.

  • Recommendations

    Based on our cooperation with your development and marketing teams, we get to know your website like no one else and prepare personalized recommendations for each page template.

    We base our recommendations on an analysis of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, thorough research of your pages, and our practical experience optimizing websites for better quality.

  • Implementation

    We aim to ensure that our recommendations will be implemented according to our agreed-upon strategy.

    Also, we support you at each stage of the process as we:

    • Analyze the implemented changes for the best quality results, and
    • Are always available for ad hoc consulting.

What makes us different?

Tailored approach

We don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. We prepare a personalized plan of action to address your website-specific needs and industry goals.

Data-driven solutions

We know that Google’s quality algorithms are constantly evolving, so we are driven by a thorough analysis of your website’s current status and building new experiments.

Flexibility and cooperation

We adjust to your framework and support you throughout the whole process to ensure our recommendations are implemented without any roadblocks.

Our customers love what we do

“I’ve worked with a dozen or more SEO companies. Your team has deeper knowledge and more actionable recommendations than anyone I’ve worked with.

Internally, we say that the top tier of SEO companies we’ve worked with play checkers. Onely plays chess.”

Brian H. Toolan

Co-Founder & CEO, TPC Interactive

“We were impressed by the technical depth of the initial audit and how fast Onely responded to our questions.” 

Kevin Indig

Head of SEO

“After implementing all of Onely’s strategies and implementations, the company’s organic traffic rose by 129%. The team was kind and professional, making working with them efficient and pleasant.”

Arkadiusz Łatko

Online Marketing Expert, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA

“I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider.

I feel that they are an internal part of our team.”

Joel A. Thomas

CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

“They really know their stuff regarding technical SEO. The team is experienced with coding, analyzing server logs, and on-page optimization.”

Olivian Stoica

SEO Expert, 123FormBuilder SRL

“After months of stagnation, our visibility was suddenly unblocked and growing quickly right after we implemented recommendations from Onely.”

Łukasz Klimkiewicz

Head of IT, Abriga Polska