Onely is a group of geeks on a mission to make the web better.

We holistically audit your website to create a winning strategy for technical optimization, and then we implement it with your team to get you more revenue.

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Our Team


Bartosz Góralewicz

Founder and Head of Innovation at

When it comes to Technical SEO, Bartosz Goralewicz is the...

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Michał Gaździk - COO at Onely

Michał Gaździk


Michał is responsible for the efficient execution of plans and...

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Katarzyna Berbas

Managing Director

Katarzyna manages Onely’s strategic implementation and takes care of the...


Anna Kalus

Head of Finance

Anna loves spreadsheets and analyzing financial data. Her main role...


Tomek Rudzki

R&D advisor & board

Tomek Rudzki is a world-recognized expert in JavaScript SEO and...

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Karolina Bugala Valim

Karolina Bugała-Valim

Head of Growth

Karolina manages the marketing team members and projects. She translates...

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Wojciech Murawski

SEO Manager

Wojtek deals with on-page SEO. He aims at improving clients’...

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Łukasz Kalus

SEO Manager

Łukasz finds solutions to off-page issues like manual penalties, visibility...

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Bartłomiej Kudyba

SEO Team Process Coach and Analyst

Bartłomiej believes in the unity between SEO, User Experience and...

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Paulina Piotrowicz

Senior SEO Specialist

Paulina works with the technical team to increase the performance...


Dominika Cygankiewicz

Senior SEO Specialist

As a member of the technical SEO team, Dominika focuses...

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Artur Bowsza

Senior SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist, Artur is constantly enhancing his skills...

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Jasmita D’Souza

SEO Specialist

Jasmita is a member of our Technical SEO team who...

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Renata Gwizdak

SEO Specialist

Renata is a member of our technical SEO team. She’s...

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Weronika Wojewódzka

SEO Specialist

Weronika works on optimizing websites to make them better for...

Jakub Łanda

Jakub Łanda

SEO and Google Analytics 4 analyst

As an SEO junior and member of the technical SEO...

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Sebastian Skowron

R&D Specialist

Sebastian has been creating his own websites since high school...

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Marcin Gorczyca

R&D specialist

Marcin is interested in data extraction and analysis. He loves...

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Wiktoria Murawska

Finance and Administration Specialist

Wiktoria’s main role is to oversee financial documents, ensure that...

Currently On Sabbatical


Maria Chołuj (Cieślak)

Head of SEO

Maria’s day-to-day activities involve leading the team, creating and executing...

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Justyna Czekajło

Administrative Specialist

Justyna is a member of the Administration and Finance team....

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Who we are

Onely is a team of 30 technical experts led by Bartosz Góralewicz.

Our mission is to make the internet better for everyone by helping build meaningful, welcoming, and profitable websites.

We revolutionized technical SEO, but our services go beyond it. With the goal to make your business more successful by making your website’s users happier, we don’t solely focus on search engine optimization. Instead, we take on any technical challenges that limit your growth.

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    We make informed decisions based on data. We don’t guess.

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    We share our knowledge with the industry so that we can learn and progress together.

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    We live and breathe technical SEO. We love what we do.

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    We never back down from a challenge if we believe it's worth the effort.

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    We are open and honest with our clients, and with one another.