Website Migration Services

Even minor changes during a website migration make Google reevaluate how it sees your website. Thorough preparation before migrating is crucial to avoid severe traffic loss afterward.

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What are website migration services?

Website migration refers to applying significant changes to:

  • Your website’s URL structure,
  • Your content in a rebranding process, 
  • User experience design, or 
  • Your website’s tech stack.

Website migration services address strategizing website migration in advance, joining ongoing processes, and working on the results of poorly implemented website migration.

How website migrations affect SEO

Website migration is one of the most complex processes in SEO. And the more complicated that process gets, the greater the risk for your website.

On the other hand, migrations are often necessary to keep up with constantly changing technology and security requirements.

If your website migration isn’t correctly executed, it can tank your rankings and visibility for months on end. 

Your current rankings are based on everything that Google knows about your current website. Even a slight change you make can have an impact, and if that change is applied to every page on your domain, the consequences can be dire. That’s why you should check all bases, especially on the technical side, to mitigate the risk as much as possible.

Depending on the scope of your changes, a properly conducted website migration may:

  • Optimize your site structure

  • Enhance web performance

  • Improve user experience

  • Maximize saving your rankings

  • Unlock your organic growth

Website migration – scope of work

With your goals in mind, we work hand-in-hand with your team to establish the best possible plan of action. We want to make sure that everything is ready before we make a move and that the possibility of you losing your precious rankings is minimal.

Depending on your goals, website migration services can touch different aspects like:

  • Changing your URL structure on a domain or subdomain level,
  • Changing your structure from a top-level domain to a country-code top-level domain, or vice versa,
  • Changing your site architecture by optimizing the hierarchy of your pages,
  • Merging your websites,
  • Migrating from the HTTP to HTTPS protocol,
  • Migrating to a different framework or platform, e.g., WordPress to Nuxt.js.

All the above aspects can only be achieved by thinking about SEO at every step.

Let us guide you in your website migration based on the process we developed over the years of practical experience.

Website migration workflow

  • Discovery

    When you contact us, we begin by defining the work scope and planning tasks for each process step. Our aim is to create a strategy that reflects your goals and desired outcomes of the executed migration.

    If you already have a new version of your website prepared, we extensively analyze it to find if any issues may hamper your growth after the migration.

  • Research

    Preparation is a crucial step of the whole website migration process.

    We perform multiple crawls of the old version of your website, scrape Google’s index, and analyze your backlinks and server logs. We want to find as many URLs as possible to redirect them to the new version of your website appropriately.

    Also, we prepare a redirect map to support accurate implementation.

  • Recommendations

    We prepare clear and actionable instructions for your development team to move all website elements efficiently and launch the new website

  • Implementation

    We check if all the URLs were redirected correctly to maximize your new website’s search potential and ensure the migration benefits you and your website’s users.

    We are available for ad hoc consulting at any level of your website migration.