Information Architecture Services

When your most important content is buried deep within your website, bots and users won’t easily find it. Tailor your information architecture to meet your website and business goals.

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What are information architecture services?

Information architecture services aim to organize your content in a layout that:

  • Exposes essential information and
  • Is intuitive to navigate for better user experience and goal conversion.

Proper information architecture is the foundation of an SEO-friendly website and is crucial for websites with complex structures. The larger a website is, the more complex its website structure becomes.

Considering your website’s history, information architecture services may address building your information architecture from scratch or redesigning the current one.

How does information architecture affect your business?

No matter what industry you are in, sound information architecture can directly influence your conversion rates. The more intuitive your information architecture is, the easier users can fulfill their needs and get to your Call-to-Action pages without breaking a sweat.

And the way users feel about your website is crucial to make them discover more of your content or products.

Prioritizing your SEO and business-specific goals, you can create well-designed information architecture that:

  • Helps bots to understand your content, assess its relevancy, and make it easier to index and rank your pages,
  • Guides users to find the information they are looking for,
  • Enhances user experience when browsing your pages by providing content related to their intent,
  • Encourages visitors to stay longer on your website and make them convert.

Information architecture services — scope of work

As information architecture services are part of website structure optimization, we know that organizing your information to a sound website structure heavily influences your website’s crawling, rendering, and indexing.

Therefore, we approach the information architecture optimization process from a holistic SEO perspective.

With this in mind, our information architecture services consist of:

  • Performing keyword research to help you rank for your targeted keywords,
  • Designing a new layout of your website or reorganizing the current one,
  • Organizing your content into topical clusters and intent-specific pages,
  • Adjusting your URL structure to make it more user- and crawler-friendly,
  • Working on your website’s navigational usability to improve user experience and address your clients’ needs,
  • Taking care of your internal linking optimization to ensure bots can easily visit and understand your pages,
  • Analyzing how the layout of your pages influences your website’s rendering process,
  • Optimizing your internal PageRank flow to boost your website’s search visibility.

Although we won’t optimize your content, we can help you to organize it.

Reach out to us for information architecture services to see how we can make you achieve your goals thanks to an effective SEO strategy.

Information architecture services workflow

  • Discovery

    After you contact us, we set up a meeting to:

    • Learn about your website and business goals,
    • Identify any issues that may harm your overall website’s health, and
    • Plan a dedicated strategy for organizing content on your website.

    Depending on your website’s size and the complexity of SEO aspects that need to be addressed, we estimate how long optimizing your information architecture should take.

  • Research

    We thoroughly research your website as:

    • Determining how users interact with your website and what they are expecting specific pages to include,
    • Refining the way you categorize your topical clusters,
    • Analyzing your website’s navigational structure to ensure browsing your website is intuitive and effortless, and
    • Identifying the role of all pages in your website structure.

  • Recommendations

    Prioritizing the most important pages in your website structure, we prepare personalized recommendations to help you organize or redesign your information architecture.

  • Implementation

    We closely cooperate with your development and marketing teams to ensure our recommendations will be implemented according to our agreed-upon strategy.

    Also, we want to stay in touch throughout the process — you can consult us at each step of information architecture optimization and dispel any doubts you may have.

What makes us different?

Tailored approach

We know your website is one of a kind. With our experience in information architecture optimization, we prepare a personalized plan of action to address your needs.

Data-driven solutions

We base our recommendations on thorough research. Once we know your website inside out, we can help you design sound information architecture to meet your specific goals.

Support and cooperation

We aim to work with you as a team to ensure our recommendations are implemented without any roadblocks.

Our customers love what we do

“I’ve worked with a dozen or more SEO companies. Your team has deeper knowledge and more actionable recommendations than anyone I’ve worked with.

Internally, we say that the top tier of SEO companies we’ve worked with play checkers. Onely plays chess.”

Brian H. Toolan

Co-Founder & CEO, TPC Interactive

“We were impressed by the technical depth of the initial audit and how fast Onely responded to our questions.” 

Kevin Indig

Head of SEO

“After implementing all of Onely’s strategies and implementations, the company’s organic traffic rose by 129%. The team was kind and professional, making working with them efficient and pleasant.”

Arkadiusz Łatko

Online Marketing Expert, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA

“I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider.

I feel that they are an internal part of our team.”

Joel A. Thomas

CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

“They really know their stuff regarding technical SEO. The team is experienced with coding, analyzing server logs, and on-page optimization.”

Olivian Stoica

SEO Expert, 123FormBuilder SRL

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Head of IT, Abriga Polska