Join us on August 31 as we’ll use ZipTie to debug indexing issues on real websites we find in the wild!

During this hangout, ZipTie’s Tomek Rudzki and Onely’s Ziemek Bućko will discuss the case of – a popular Swiss eCommerce site, as well as some other sites if time allows it!

Sign up now and tune in on Wednesday, August 31 to see ZipTie in action and learn about real domains struggling with unindexed URLs.

The meeting starts at 04:00 PM UTC / 12:00 PM EDT / 09:00 AM PT.

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    Join us to find out:

    • How we use ZipTie to check the indexing status for thousands of URLs,
    • How ZipTie helps us diagnose indexing issues by providing relevant data.

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