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Don’t let technical issues impair your organic growth. Invest in technical SEO services to improve your search visibility and boost conversions with better user experience.

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What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the technical aspects of your website to help search engines crawl, render, and index it correctly. As a result, more relevant pages are indexed and they rank higher on Google. 

In other words, technical SEO optimizes your website’s technical side for better visibility and continuous organic growth.

  • Crawling

  • Rendering

  • Indexing

  • Ranking

  • Your organic growth

What are technical SEO services?

Technical SEO services are focused on improving the technical elements of your website, so Googlebot can better crawl it, and users easily navigate through it.

With technical SEO services, you can maximize your organic search performance and achieve various business goals, such as:

  • More organic traffic,
  • Optimized search presence,
  • More converting customers, and more.

Here are our technical SEO services in a nutshell:

  • We prioritize the business goals you have for your website.
  • We analyze your website’s tech stack and its implementation.
  • We examine your website’s structure and contents for mobile and desktop versions.
  • We analyze how Google understands your pages and if they meet search intent.
  • We diagnose how Google currently crawls, renders, indexes, and ranks your pages.
  • We prepare and monitor the execution of your personalized technical SEO strategy.
  • We strive to maximize your website’s qualified organic traffic and revenue.

How can you benefit from Onely's technical SEO services?

Improve organic traffic and conversions

If you’re looking for ways to improve your existing website, technical SEO services are probably the best way to grow your organic search performance.

Increase your website’s search visibility

Optimizing your website’s technical elements makes it easier for bots to efficiently crawl and index your pages, maximizing your organic visibility.

Prevent any technical SEO issues

Involve technical SEO specialists whenever you make any significant changes to your website.

Grow your revenue

Watch how technical changes contribute to better ROI with more significant traffic coming to your website.

Technical SEO services success stories

Through years of practical experience in technical SEO, we helped many websites to get back on the SEO track and unlock their full organic potential.

Here are some real-life examples of the clients who trusted us and took advantage of our technical SEO services:

Stratos Jet Charters

We worked on a link audit, technical clean-up, and the website’s restructuring and redesign.

Our technical SEO services resulted in:

  • 1931% increase in overall SEO visibility, and
  • 195% increase in organic traffic.

Take off to learn more details in the Stratos Jets case study on our blog.


We performed a link audit and domain redirect to help the client merge 23 domains under one global structure.

Our technical SEO services resulted in:

  • 841% total visibility boost on 20 targeted markets, and
  • 4103% more visibility for one of the migrated domains.

Dive into more details in the Picodi case study on our blog.

What technical SEO services Onely provides?

Every technical SEO project needs an individual approach — that’s how we deliver unparalleled quality in the SEO industry.

We start from the initial analysis of your website to then dive deep into a thorough research of your website’s current status.

Our technical SEO services fully depend on your needs and may consist of the following:

Mobile SEO services

In the mobile-first world, Mobile SEO should be your primary focus.

We analyze the intersection of mobile user experience, content parity between your desktop and mobile versions, and any technical obstacles preventing search engines from crawling and indexing your mobile content.

Website migration services

Migrating a website is a complicated process that calls for careful planning and flawless execution.

Website migration services entail minimizing the odds of losing any search visibility due to technical SEO issues through testing your staging environment, fixing redirect issues, and monitoring the results after the launch.

Server logs analysis

A vital part of technical SEO is analyzing how users and search engine crawlers access your website.

Analyzing server logs can surface potential issues with your server’s technical performance, crawl errors, and even your website speed – the fundamental aspects of technical SEO.

International SEO services

From a technical SEO perspective, making an international website successful is one of the most complex challenges.

International SEO services ensure that search engines show the appropriate language versions of your site to users in various countries through hreflangs optimization and that these users find what they’re looking for on your website.

Structured data optimization services

Structured data helps search engines better understand the contents of your site and appropriately expose it in search results.

Structured data optimization services consist of auditing your current schema markup to find room for improvement, or creating a strategy for implementing schema from scratch.

Sitemap optimization

A properly optimized XML sitemap is a core of a sound crawling and indexing strategy.

Sitemap optimization entails analyzing your sitemap components and refining pages included in your sitemap to speed up the indexing process of pages you care about.

Duplicate content optimization

Although duplicate content may seem a minor issue, you shouldn’t leave it without any action. Because when neglected, it can significantly lower your business potential.

We aim to fix any content duplication issues on your website to save your crawl budget, enhance your indexing strategy, and boost your rankings.

Image optimization

With mobile traffic overtaking the desktop, improving your image delivery is crucial to provide a positive user experience regardless of screen size.

Image optimization focuses on ensuring that you serve your images in desktop and mobile-friendly quality, resolution, and format for better technical SEO results and user experience.

EAT SEO services

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are three factors that Google looks for in qualitative websites.

Our EAT SEO services strive to properly display your expertise and reputation on your pages to express a clear purpose adjusted to search intent and put your brand identity in Google’s focus.

Crawl budget optimization services

A sound crawling strategy is a solid foundation for your SEO.

Crawl budget optimization services help speed up the discovery of your content without wasting resources on crawling pages that shouldn’t be indexed to ensure only your important pages show up in the search results.

We provide technical SEO services regardless of the technology you use

No matter what technology your website is based on, we are ready to provide you with our technical SEO services.

It means that we can work with any type of content management system, such as e.g., WordPress, Shopify, or Magento, as well as custom-based websites.

However, in general, our technical SEO services are CMS-agnostic.

It means that, from our perspective, there’s no such thing as, e.g., WordPress SEO, so we don’t provide you with one-size-fits-all recommendations that will work for your WordPress-based website by default.

However, we understand that the technology you use defines the technical SEO process and how we approach the optimization. But we share one goal for all our clients — we aim to improve their websites.

No matter how complex your setup is, we always strive to make your website meet all technical requirements to maximize your organic performance and enhance user experience.

That’s why our deliverables are independent of the technology your website is built with. It’s because our long-term goals are focused on how both Google and users interact with your website, and it requires an in-depth understanding and analysis of your website’s current status.

How much will technical optimization help SEO?

Over the years, we developed a unique approach to Technical SEO.

We don’t build links or optimize your meta descriptions, and we don’t optimize content to add relevant keywords because we’re fully focused on the technical side of SEO.

In particular, our technical SEO services focus on improving such metrics as:

  • Organic traffic

    Through optimizing technical aspects of your website, technical SEO services help you to increase the amount of organic and qualified traffic.

    And the more pages you care about are indexed, the easier it is for users to find more of your content organically.

    But increasing the number of your indexed pages isn’t our only goal. We want you to have more relevant content ranking high in Google so that users are encouraged to get straight to your pages and are more likely to convert.

  • Content discovery

    A technically optimized website influences how quickly bots can discover your content right after its publication.

    We reduce the time of content discovery as we focus on:

    • getting your new pages indexed as quickly as possible before your potential clients go to your competitors, and
    • boosting your rankings so that your pages aren’t buried down on the next search results pages.

  • User behavior

    Providing users with a satisfactory experience defines their next steps on your website.

    Depending on the type of sector you operate in, it may be, e.g., diving into your other articles internally linked on your website or getting to the cart and buying your products.

    There are a couple of metrics that we can focus on, like pages per session or bounce rates, but we don’t work on them just for the sake of it. Our overall goal is to ensure that browsing your website brings a positive experience for your website’s visitors, so it contributes to your business results.

  • Conversion rate

    No matter what your micro and macro conversions are, technical SEO services make it easier for your website visitors to convert.

    How? It’s because technical SEO enhances Search Experience Optimization (SXO), meaning your website:

    • is search engine-friendly as there are more of your relevant pages to serve user intent in SERPs, and
    • provides a positive user experience, so users are more likely to stay and take action on your pages.

Technical SEO solutions tailored to your industry

If you’re hoping to succeed in any digital market, technical SEO isn’t just an asset. It’s absolutely necessary no matter in what sector you operate.

But don’t worry – we don’t sell ready-made SEO solutions. Instead, we carefully analyze your industry-specific goals aiming to deliver the best results in your niche.

That’s why depending on your industry, how you can benefit from technical SEO services may differ:

The cost of technical SEO services — what does the price cover?

Working with our clients, we provide all websites with the same level of care and commitment by offering:

World-class technical SEO toolset

We work with the best SEO tools on the market to ensure that the recommendations you receive aren’t biased by any particular method or tool.

Regular oversight

We don’t leave you all alone with the implementation process. We monitor your website regularly to ensure that our recommendations are implemented correctly.

Constant support

We want to stay in touch throughout the process. However, we are always ready for ad-hoc consulting, even after the end of our cooperation.

However, we understand that each website is different. That’s why the cost of technical SEO services may also differ depending on the cooperation’s length and the complexity of your website’s issues.

How long your project may take depends on the number of pages in your domain and what technical aspects need to be addressed.

For example, it is impossible to manage website migration without thorough preparation, so the whole process can take months to years to execute.

Also, how complex your technical issues are defines our hourly rate. Because for more complicated projects you’ll need to cooperate with our most experienced experts with limited accessibility.

Also, the more complex your project is, the more it drives us to dive into more innovative research. We are always ready to help you with even the most complicated issues by building our tools or experiments.

Does technical SEO actually work?

With a lot of time and resources invested in your marketing efforts, you definitely know how to provide your users with high-quality content.

However, in 2023, you can’t just rely on good content to conquer Google’s SERPs.

When even large and popular websites struggle with technical issues that plummet their search visibility, it indicates that creating and ranking for relevant keywords may not be enough.

Also, with several algorithm updates in the past few years, like the Page Experience update in June 2021 or the core algorithm update in September 2022, you should be ready that Google can change how it evaluates your website with one rollout.

With all those aspects connected, technical SEO is the ultimate remedy for your website’s technical issues now and in the future.

That’s why you should consult a technical SEO agency as soon as possible.

Even when you’re just about to launch your website, technical SEO services help you choose the optimal tech stack and create a solid strategy for years to come.

Otherwise, mistakes made during such technically complex processes as, e.g., website migration may be time and resource-consuming to reverse.

But if you’re in such chaos already, don’t worry. We have experience with addressing severe technical issues.

And if you’re still wondering if technical SEO actually works, our clients’ results and satisfaction speak for themselves.

Technical SEO services workflow

  • Discovery

    After you contact us, we set up a discovery call to understand your website’s current status.

    Our technical SEO consultancy is tailored to your needs. We know that different websites have different technical needs, and even these technical issues must be filtered through your immediate business goals before they are addressed.

  • Research

    We conduct multiple audits and review your Google Analytics and Search Console data first.

    Then we consult our findings with you to find the best way forward. We share our perspective on your search engine optimization needs, but the project’s final scope is always dependent on your vision.

  • Recommendations

    The way we provide recommendations is adapted to how many developers you have, your current KPIs, or your timeline for the upcoming quarter.

    It follows that we don’t have a fixed timeline. Every project takes a different amount of time. Just to give you a general idea, our technical SEO services take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year or longer.

    A technical audit of just one aspect of a small website can take a week, whereas strategizing and overseeing a large website’s restructuring and migration must take multiple months.

  • Implementation

    Throughout the cooperation, we report on the results in business terms so that you see how what we implement hand-in-hand with your development team directly impacts your bottom line.

Onely — a technical SEO agency you can rely on

To say that we are passionate about what we do is not enough. We literally live and breathe technical SEO.

Onely is an agency solely focused on providing technical SEO services and solving technical SEO issues.

With our CEO, Bartosz Góralewicz, in the lead, we are a group of geeks who believe that technical SEO can improve the web.

We’ve built an unprecedented R&D team to push the industry forward – first with our research on JavaScript SEO, then on rendering, indexing, and the limits of search engines.

And as we want your website to perform better on Google, we are always open to diving into a discussion with Googlers. We hosted and attended webinars with Google’s John Mueller and Martin Splitt.

In this video, Bartosz Góralewicz talked to Martin Splitt about Onely’s perspective on creating technical SEO audits and SEOs vs. devs cooperation.

It shows that we understand how to work with clients and blend into their internal teams. That means that we aim to reach stakeholders’ goals but also work well with a client’s developers through the whole implementation process.

In another video hosted by Martin Splitt, Bartosz Góralewcz unveiled the details of his JavaScript SEO experiment that aimed to solve a web performance issue of our client’s website.

It proves that we strive to create innovative solutions for our clients, focusing on research and getting data-driven results through our experiments.

Our Technical SEO services have also been recognized in the SEO industry with European Search Awards and UK Search Awards.

international-seo - My project

Most Innovative Campaign 

European Search Awards (2020)

We were awarded for a global SEO campaign we ran for and provided them with an innovative approach to monitoring Google Jobs results.

We proved that nothing stops us from looking for efficient solutions and getting the best results for our clients as, in this case, we created our software service.

Through years of experience, we’ve developed a system of planning and executing Technical SEO services that yield unparalleled results.

But we don’t need to speak for ourselves. No one will do it better than our satisfied clients, who appreciate our flexibility, tailored approach, and efficiency.

"I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider. I feel that they are an internal part of our team."

Joel A. Thomas

CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

"Onely is to the point, emphasizing substance over form."

François Briod


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    “I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider.

    I feel that they are an internal part of our team.”

    Joel A. Thomas

    CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

    “They really know their stuff regarding technical SEO. The team is experienced with coding, analyzing server logs, and on-page optimization.”

    Olivian Stoica

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