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Any amount of JavaScript used on your website makes it more difficult for Google to surface your content in the search results.

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What is JavaScript SEO?

JavaScript SEO is an area of technical SEO that focuses on making sure search engines can properly crawl, render, and index dynamic JavaScript content. In addition, JavaScript SEO can optimize load times of your pages and make them more accessible to users.

Why JavaScript needs to be optimized for search engines

JavaScript can enhance your website’s interactivity and visual appeal, and for most websites, using it is an absolute must. But if JavaScript is left unoptimized, it can:

  • Make your content 100% invisible to search engine bots,
  • Lower your search rankings,
  • Negatively impact how quickly your new pages get discovered,
  • Make your pages load slower for human users.

Our recent research shows that despite Google getting better at processing JS, Google still needs 9x more time to crawl JavaScript-powered websites compared to plain HTML.

What are JavaScript SEO services?

JavaScript SEO services at Onely aim at making your JavaScript content easily accessible to search engine bots and human users.

The goal of JavaScript SEO services is to make sure that: 

  • Your search rankings improve because Google can easily discover and analyze all your JavaScript-dependent content,
  • Your new pages are quickly discovered by Google and found in the search results because JavaScript doesn’t negatively impact Google’s crawling of your website,
  • Your users are satisfied with how your quickly pages load as JavaScript content is optimized to be served efficiently.

What do JavaScript SEO services at Onely cover?

The scope and duration of the work involved in JavaScript SEO services may vary depending on the size of your website and the adopted strategy.

Here are key areas of JavaScript SEO services:

 Tailored approach

Every JS-powered website is unique. Our JavaScript SEO services offer a customized strategy to achieve your specific goals.

Data-driven solutions

Our JavaScript SEO services are fueled by data, providing you with insights and results that are grounded in real-world research and findings. We keep a close eye on all changes in Google’s approach to crawling and processing JavaScript.

Flexibility and communication

Our project is designed to accommodate your evolving needs, and we prioritize open communication. You can involve us in your internal communication channels for smoother information exchange.

Benefits of Onely's JavaScript SEO services

Our JavaScript SEO services can upgrade your website in multiple ways:

  • Get your valuable content into the Google index

    The goal of JavaScript optimization is to enable the indexing of your JavaScript-powered content, allowing your pages to get quickly and fully analyzed and indexed by Google.

  • Boost user experience

    Optimizing JavaScript can enhance the user experience by improving page speed, interactivity, and accessibility on various devices and browsers. You’ll own a website that’s smoother, more responsive, and more accessible for different customers.

  • Improve your rankings

    JavaScript can negatively affect multiple factors important to Google: it can damage your web performance, prevent important content from being discovered and influencing your rankings, and mess with crucial meta data on your website. When we sort it all out, your rankings will improve.

Cost of JavaScript SEO services - what does the price cover

With our personalized approach to JavaScript SEO services, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all price. We’ll provide an estimate after our initial meeting and review of your goals.

From working with us you’ll gain:

World-class technical SEO toolset

The cost includes a comprehensive examination of your website using advanced SEO crawlers, analysis of server logs, detailed documentation, and secure protection of your data. 

Regular oversight

You don’t have to navigate the implementation process on your own. We provide ongoing support by monitoring your website regularly and ensuring that our recommendations are correctly implemented.

Constant support

Staying connected with you is a top priority for us, and we’re committed to providing ongoing support even after our cooperation is finished. You can count on us to be there for you with ad-hoc consulting whenever you need it.

JavaScript SEO services workflow at Onely

Our JavaScript SEO services follow a 4-step process:

  • Discovery call

    Where we learn about your needs and introduce you to our experts,

  • Research

    Where we thoroughly assess your current JavaScript issues,

  • Recommendations

    Where we provide actionable, prioritized advice for your development team based on our findings, and

  • Implementation

    Where we work with your development team to bring the project to fruition. You can always schedule an ad hoc consultation with us.

Our customers love what we do

“I’ve worked with a dozen or more SEO companies. Your team has deeper knowledge and more actionable recommendations than anyone I’ve worked with.

Internally, we say that the top tier of SEO companies we’ve worked with play checkers. Onely plays chess.”

Brian H. Toolan

Co-Founder & CEO, TPC Interactive

“We were impressed by the technical depth of the initial audit and how fast Onely responded to our questions.” 

Kevin Indig

Head of SEO

“After implementing all of Onely’s strategies and implementations, the company’s organic traffic rose by 129%. The team was kind and professional, making working with them efficient and pleasant.”

Arkadiusz Łatko

Online Marketing Expert, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA

“I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider.

I feel that they are an internal part of our team.”

Joel A. Thomas

CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

“They really know their stuff regarding technical SEO. The team is experienced with coding, analyzing server logs, and on-page optimization.”

Olivian Stoica

SEO Expert, 123FormBuilder SRL

“After months of stagnation, our visibility was suddenly unblocked and growing quickly right after we implemented recommendations from Onely.”

Łukasz Klimkiewicz

Head of IT, Abriga Polska