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What will be the impact of SGE on my business?

Whenever SGE will be applied to a search phrase, it will take up whole space on first screen with results causing other search results to be displayed much further down the page for the user.

Additionally SGE has it’s own call to action that will actually try to interecept user’s attention from scrolling any further.

Long story short – the SGE will take a lot of user’s attention and will move even the Top 1 organic search result much further down the page and make it more difficult to reach.

What's the value of AI SEO Audit for your business?

AI SEO Audit provides a comprehensive analysis of eight key areas of Technical SEO to help you better understand your website’s current standing against the coming changes in SEO.

Knowing which areas of your website aren’t ready for AI yet, you can start acting now instead of waiting until AI-readiness becomes a “must-have” for everybody in your niche.

The more of a head start you get today, the more you will benefit from AI search engine evolution coming in the next months and years.

How much does the AI SEO Audit cost?

The AI SEO Audit costs



Price only valid untill 29th February 2024!

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Lowest AI SEO Audit price from last 30 days: $1899

What exactly will you get with the AI SEO Audit?

Upon completion of your website AI SEO Audit you will receive PDF file containing the audit results presented from two perspectives:

  1. AI SEO Audit overviewFirst part is high level overview aimed for decision makers and non-technical team members. It also includes insights regarding overall website Technical SEO standing against current best practices and predictions about further trend of organic traffic if no action is made.
  2. Second part is an Actionable Repair Plan for your website consisting of 8 technical chapters aimed for the dev teams. Each of them is based on actual data from your website GSC and covers one level of the Technical SEO Pyramid with actual problems pointed out and suggestions on what would be desired state.
  3. As a BONUS you will receive an SGE Vulnerability report calculating what part of your organic traffic might be affected by SGE rollout. This report is based on our internal data that we update every week to stay on top of the most recent changes in how SGE works.
  4. Also last, but not least, if you sign up further work on our website with Onely within 30 days after receiving your AI SEO Audit you will receive a 10% discount on the first contract

Are there any requirements for a website be audited?

Yes, there are a few things that must be in place:

  1. Google Search Console availability – simply put, you must have GSC configured for your website. Also you will need to grant us access to your GSC. Don’t worry – the Terms of Service require us to maintain confidentiality. 🙂
  2. Website must be crawlable – to know more about your website we need to learn about its content. For that to happen your website must accept our crawls. Our crawlers use a distinct User Agent to allow you identify it’s us (you’ll receive the details in the email)
  3. Complete the payment – since AI SEO AUDIT is ment to be a small and quick service we skip the whole formal contract thing. As soon as we receive the payment we start processing your audit!

It might sound like a lot, but don’t sweat – we got your back.
If you feel stuck or anything is unclear – just drop us a line at [email protected], we’ll figure it all out!

What else AI SEO Audit brings to your business

1. Your website will be reviewed by top-notch SEO specialists who work on daily basis with brands like Ikea, Ringier Axel Springer,, Ebay and many others!

2. Save dozens of hours spent on researching why your website might not be getting as much organic traffic as you would expect it to. Using our expertise and experience you can jump right to implementing fixes without wondering what to look at!

3. BONUS – Understand how prone is your website to SGE release. We will evaluate your top ranking search phrases and tell you how likely they will become handled with SGE. You’ll get a high-level summary as well as sample of exact search terms that might be affected according to our research.

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