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16 Apr 2019

If something as simple as misusing languages and translations can have a huge negative impact on your business, imagine what incorrectly managing the complexity of international SEO will do. Here are 3 SEO tricks for translating your content for new markets.

Patryk Wawok, 10 Apr 2019

SEOs want the client's website to shine and perform better than ever, but often the process isn't as smooth as it should be. Patryk Wawok is here with some tips on avoiding the usual speed bumps on the road to a better website.

09 Apr 2019

With over half the world’s population online, now more than ever, there’s a huge opportunity for your business to grow internationally. International SEO can go hand-in-hand with other marketing channels and help you expand your business in new markets. Here are seven tips to help get you started.

Maria Cieślak, 08 Apr 2019

Did you know that a migration to a JS framework without losing your rankings (and mind) is possible? Head of Technical SEO Marysia Cieślak went onstage at Digital Olympus to remind everyone that JavaScript doesn't have to be evil. Here's Maria's action-packed deck for those who missed it.

Anna Rozwadowska, 03 Apr 2019

The personalization of Google's search features is having a profound impact on the way we understand the truth (and the shape of the planet!). Anna Rozwadowska is here to talk about the ethics of Google in the Post Truth Era. Don't believe us? Well, don't Google it.

Bartosz Góralewicz, 02 Apr 2019

This is Bartosz Goralewicz's "The State of Web Performance in Germany 2019" deck as presented at SMX München 2019.

Tomasz Rudzki, 02 Apr 2019

Tomek Rudzki explains how to diagnose and solve JavaScript SEO issues in 6 steps over at Moz.

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