Schema – the deepest dive – Jono Alderson, Bartosz Goralewicz & Tomek Rudzki – The Organic Growth Ranch

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The most important takeaway

In summary, schema markup is a crucial but complex and underutilized technical SEO tool that requires thoughtful implementation for maximum benefit. The transcript provides insightful perspectives and advice from experts on properly leveraging schema.

The summary

  • Schema markup helps remove ambiguity and control the narrative about a website or business.
  • Relying solely on machine learning algorithms can lead to inaccurate interpretations, but schema markup reduces the risk of misinterpretation.
  • The implementation of can address Google’s challenge of accurately understanding relationships between entities.
  • Jono Alderson recommends using a content management system with built-in schema markup capabilities, and suggests using SEO add-ons or plugins for implementation guidance.

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Our speakers 

Jono Alderson is an award-winning technical SEO consultant. He helps brands to compete on technical SEO, performance, and structured data. Ex-Yoast’s Head of SEO, currently a freelancer. 

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Specialties: a globally recognized expert in digital strategy, SEO, analytics, WordPress, web performance, structured data, marketing technology, conversion rate optimization, growth, PHP, CSS and more.
Worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to fix websites, implement growth strategies, prepare for the future, and win markets.


Bartosz Goralewicz is a Founder & Head of SEO at Onely and Co-founder of

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He has been a staple in the SEO industry over the last decade as both the co-founder of Elephate (2018’s “Best Small SEO Agency” in Europe) and a thought leader – especially when it comes to all things JavaScript SEO.

In 2019 Bartosz funded Onely – the one and only technical SEO House. Onely’s specialized team works with Fortune 100 companies and other major international brands while continuing to push the envelope in Technical SEO.

Onely has a unique approach to how it works with clients, which is reflected in its one-of-a-kind workflow, transparent price list, and highly detailed reports. On top of that, Onely makes serious efforts to share its knowledge with the industry as a whole, believing that a healthy and positive SEO industry makes for a better internet.

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