Migrations & Website Redesign Services

If you are thinking about redesigning, rebranding or merging domains, you should always keep Technical SEO in mind. Onely will be there at every stage of the migration process.

A site migration is one of the most challenging and riskiest processes in SEO. The bigger the website, the more complex the migration process is. Migration done incorrectly will most likely result in extended traffic and visibility loss.  

Site migrations include:

  • Rebranding (changing the domain);
  • Splitting or merging domains (eg. local domains merging into one global domain);
  • Moving to secure a version of the website (https);
  • Changing the framework or Content Management System (CMS);
  • Redesigning the website.

Onely doesn’t do migrations quickly, because we know the devil is in the details. We know that if we don’t follow the good practices of site migrations, you may lose traffic (and money).

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What Onely can do for you:

  • We’ll create the optimal strategy for the website migration or redesign. We’ll analyze your current website to make sure that you migrate with the leanest and most valuable parts.
  • We’ll help you plan the new structure and Information Architecture.
  • We’ll make sure your new website is well-optimized and ready to go.
  • We’ll assist you with preparing redirects for the old URLs.
  • We’ll verify if everything went smoothly.

If you are planning to migrate or redesign your website, contact Onely ahead of time (the bigger the structure, the more time we’ll need to get you prepared). A few months is a minimum. If you reach out to us when you’re a week away from migration, don’t be surprised if we decline.

Remember, you may see a decrease in traffic post-migration, but it should increase after some time. It’s natural because Google needs some time to understand the changes and pass all ranking signals to the new property.