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It’s been written that JavaScript and SEO are not a good match. While this is generally true, Onely knows how to optimize JS-heavy websites and make sure that they are search-engine friendly. From finding the best JavaScript solution for your business to JavaScript framework migration and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Can Search Engines Crawl JavaScript?

While Google has made significant steps in being able to properly crawl and index JavaScript websites, it still doesn’t have the resources required to keep pace. Google’s indexing process involves two waves, and the second wave could take up to weeks for completion. Meanwhile, other search engines are still struggling just to keep up with Google.

The reality is, while websites based on JavaScript can still be crawled and indexed properly, it still requires professional SEOs to guarantee the best online visibility possible.  

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Onely is Internationally Recognized in the Field of JavaScript SEO.

Bartosz Góralewicz (CEO), Maria Cieślak (Head of Technical SEO), and Tomek Rudzki (Head of R&D) have written extensively on the subject and have appeared on conference stages all over the world to share their findings.

Our experienced team has years of experience in ensuring that your JavaScript website is search engine friendly. We keep up to date with Google’s guidelines, use a wide range of tools and conduct numerous experiments to better understand how search crawlers see your website’s content.

We’re experienced in solving JavaScript SEO issues in various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, including React, Vue.js, and Angular.