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16% of indexable pages on popular websites aren’t ever indexed.

Non-indexed pages won’t bring any traffic to your online business.

Don’t let your technical issues make your site invisible.

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What can make you invisible

URLs waiting in the crawling queue

Google isn’t able to crawl everything. So don’t make it crawl pages that you don’t care about.

Blocking your valuable content

Google can’t technically visit your page, so all your other efforts are useless.

Poor information architecture

Google can’t understand your website when your most important pages are buried down in its structure.

Cure your website

How to make your website even better

Make your website Google-friendly

Optimize technical aspects (such as internal linking or crawl budget) to make sure Google can discover and understand the structure of your website.

Check if Google can see your JavaScript-based content

Ensure any important elements of your website aren’t negatively affected when JavaScript is executed. If Google can’t discover your JavaScript-based content, they won’t show it to people who are searching for you.

Make your website user-friendly

Find out if your website fully meets your users’ search intent, providing them with valuable, unique, and well-organized content.

Optimize your website’s performance

See how fast your website is to deliver a great user experience to your customers and a steady server that Google will want to crawl.

Manage your backlinks

Analyze external links pointing to your site and make sure you won’t be penalized for any shady connections your site may have in Google’s eyes.

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