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Webinar with Fabrice Canel, Bartosz Goralewicz, and Tomek Rudzki

Webinar with Fabrice Canel from Bing!

10 Dec 2020

On December 8th 2020, we had the immense pleasure of hosting a webinar with Fabrice Canel from Bing. Fabrice is truly passionate about search, and it's reflected by his career of 23 years of building Microsoft's search engine as one of the leading product owners. Bartosz and Tomek asked Fabrice about the details of Bing's crawling and indexing systems, plus some juicy ranking details. If you're interested in improving your standings with Bing, this webinar is a must-watch.

Bartosz and Tomek were joined by Martin Splitt and Cindy Krum

19 Nov 2020

On November 19th, Bartosz Góralewicz and Tomek Rudzki from Onely hosted a webinar over at SearchEngineJournal's YouTube channel. They were joined by Cindy Krum, an expert on the topic of Fraggles, and Martin Splitt from Google, to discuss one of Google's recent announcements - Passage Ranking. You can watch the full conversation over on YouTube.

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Bartosz was a Guest Star during 5 Hours Of Technical SEO!

19 Nov 2020

On November 17th, Bartosz Góralewicz led a webinar during the "5 Hours Of Technical SEO" event, organized by SEMRush. Bartosz was joined by Nik Ranger, Will Critchlow, and Cindy Krum to discuss The Real Problems Behind Indexing. You can watch the replay of the full event by going to this link.

Onely and win the Most Innovative Campaign

Onely wins “Most Innovative Campaign” at European Search Awards!

04 Sep 2020

Onely was awarded the European Search Award for the innovative SEO campaign we conducted together with our amazing client - We were recognized for "a Global SEO Campaign and an Innovative Approach to Monitoring Google Jobs Results". This is fantastic news, so a huge congrats goes to and everyone involved in the project on our end!

Googles "Search Off The Record" podcast

Onely featured in Google’s “Search Off The Record” podcast

28 Aug 2020

Our research and findings related to Rendering SEO were discussed by John Mueller, Martin Splitt, and Gary Ilyes on the second episode of the "Search Off The Record" podcast. Martin reflected on the webinar we recently did together and spoke a little about Rendering SEO. You can listen to the full podcast here.


Bartosz Appeared at Data Driven Business London 2019

16 Oct 2019

Bartosz Goralewicz was at Data Driven Business London on October 16, 2019 to talk about his latest JavaScript research and how it has revealed a widespread problem that goes beyond JS websites. You can browse the deck for "Too Long; Didn’t Render - The State of JS and HTML Indexing" right here.


Bartosz Appeared at SIXT SEO Wiesn

04 Oct 2019

Bartosz was a guest at SIXT SEO Wiesn 2019 where he looked at how much content is not indexed in Google in 2019. Photo by Ivana Brcina.


Bartosz Shines at SEOKtoberfest G50 2019

24 Sep 2019

Bartosz Goralewicz attended the prestigious SEOKtoberfest G50 2019 where he addressed the question: "How much content is NOT indexed in Google in 2019?" This particular presentation was a milestone for Onely because we simultaneously launched our new OMFG Toolset just as Bartosz was introducing it to his audience full of the brightest and best SEOs around the world.

fame - Bartosz-Becomes-Member-of-DeepCrawls-Customer-Advisory-Board.jpg

Bartosz Becomes a Member of DeepCrawl’s Customer Advisory Board

16 Jul 2019

Bartosz Goralewicz is now a member of DeepCrawl's Customer Advisory Board. This is a huge honor for Bartosz and the team couldn't be more proud of him!

fame - Onely-is-a-Finalist-for-2019s-Search-Engine-Land-Awards.jpg

Onely is a Finalist for 2019’s Search Engine Land Awards

21 May 2019

Onely is thrilled to be a finalist for "Best Overall SEO Initiative – Small Business" at this year's Search Engine Land Awards.

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Tomek and Bartłomiej Hail to the ContentKing

06 May 2019

Over at ContentKing, Onely's Tomek Rudzki and Bartłomiej Kudyba join other SEO experts to discuss the different ways of protecting your staging environments.

fame - Bartosz-is-One-of-the-Top-SEO-Experts-You-Should-Be-Following.jpg

Bartosz is One of the Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following

05 May 2019

Onely's CEO Bartosz Góralewicz was featured in Search Engine Journal's 140 Top SEO Experts you should be following in 2019. What are you waiting for?


Maria Defends JavaScript at Digital Olympus

08 Apr 2019

Did you know that a migration to a JS framework without losing your rankings (and mind) is possible? Head of Technical SEO Maria Cieślak went onstage at Digital Olympus to remind everyone that JavaScript doesn't have to be evil.


Tomek Joins the SEO Fight Club

03 Apr 2019

Despite the first rule of SEO Fight Club, Tomek Rudzki joined Ryte's Marcus Tandler, Sixt's Izzi Smith, and Polemic Digital's Barry Adams on stage at SMX München 2019 to debate controversial SEO theories.

fame - Bartosz-at-SMX-München-2019.jpg

Bartosz at SMX München 2019

02 Apr 2019

Bartosz Goralewicz was at SMX München 2019 where he discussed "The State of Web Performance in Germany 2019" in front of a packed audience.


Bartosz is a Part of the Oracle Modern Customer Experience

20 Mar 2019

Bartosz joined the stage with Oracle's So Young Park to share their knowledge on shopping behavior and leveraging the latest SEO enhancements in a session called "Take the Blinders Off: SEO, Social, and the Changing Commerce Channel Ecosystem".

fame - Maria-Explains-Why-JS-Doesnt-Have-to-be-a-Nightmare-at-OnCrawl.png

Maria Explains Why JS Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare at OnCrawl

05 Feb 2019

Onely Head of Technical SEO Marysia Cieślak explains why JavaScript doesn't have to be a nightmare over at OnCrawl. Give it a read and sleep better at night!

fame - Maria-is-Featured-in-DeepCrawls-Ultimate-Guide-to-Site-Architecture-Optimisation.jpg

Maria is Featured in DeepCrawl’s Ultimate Guide to Site Architecture Optimisation

02 Jan 2019

Maria Cieślak joins SEO's brightest stars in DeepCrawl's Ultimate Guide to Site Architecture Optimisation. Start the new year right with this FREE whitepaper that's overflowing with knowledge!

fame - Maria-Prepares-You-for-a-JS-Migration-at-Search-Engine-Land.png

Maria Prepares You for a JS Migration at Search Engine Land

03 Dec 2018

Maria Cieślak returns to Search Engine Land to help you prepare for a JS migration with all the complexity and risks that entails.

fame - Bartosz-on-Digital-Marketing-in-2019.jpg

Bartosz on Digital Marketing in 2019

21 Nov 2018

"Marketing is going to become more and more technical." Onely's Bartosz Góralewicz joins numerous marketing experts to talk about digital marketing in 2019.

fame - Bartosz-and-Christian-Spoke-at-UnGagged-Las-Vegas-2018.jpg

Bartosz and Christian Spoke at UnGagged Las Vegas 2018

04 Nov 2018

Onely's CEO Bartosz Goralewicz and Head of Marketing Christian A. Dumais were at UnGagged Las Vegas 2018. Bartosz took the stage to talk about shameful technical SEO confessions and Christian talked about Stranger SEO. It was a fantastic time for the Onely team!

fame - Bartosz-at-SMX-East-2018.jpg

Bartosz at SMX East 2018

24 Oct 2018

Bartosz Góralewicz was at SMX East 2018 to talk about SEO Tips & Tricks for JavaScript. He covered how to build and optimize search engine-friendly JavaScript-based sites, techniques to ensure your JS sites rank well, and more!

fame - Google-Cache-Lies-but-Maria-Cieślak-Tells-the-Truth.png

Google Cache Lies, but Maria Cieślak Tells the Truth

22 Oct 2018

Onely's Head of Technical SEO Maria Cieślak wrote about "Why Google Cache lies to you and what to do about it (if anything)" for Search Engine Land and you most certainly should be reading it.

fame - Bartosz-was-Onstage-at-Digitalzone18.jpg

Bartosz was Onstage at Digitalzone18

19 Oct 2018

Bartosz Góralewicz was at Digitalzone'18 - the largest digital marketing event in Eastern Europe - where he was on stage talking about "The Aspects of Technical SEO in 2018".

fame - Maria-Loves-SEO-at-We-Love-SEO.jpg

Maria Loves SEO at We Love SEO!

05 Oct 2018

Maria Cieslak attended WE LOVE SEO in Paris this week and joined a roundtable with other experts like Omi Sido, Gerry White and Chris Green to discuss the following topic: "Demistify SEO: How we can do more with less. Advice from the European frontline." Well done, Maria!

fame - Teams-Up-with-Divante-for-PWAs.png

Onely Teams Up with Divante for PWAs

05 Aug 2018

Like the Avengers teaming up with the Justice League, Onely joined forces with Divante to create a whitepaper that's jam-packed with hard-hitting information.  A large portion of the whitepaper is written by Onely's SEO Specialist Paulina Piotrowicz, and covers PWAs and how to make them SEO friendly. SEO for PWA: How to Optimize Your JS-Based Progressive Web Apps is now available (FREE!).

fame - Maria-Returns-to-Search-Engine-Land.jpg

Maria Returns to Search Engine Land!

03 Aug 2018

Over at Search Engine Land, Onely’s Maria Cieślak takes a look at how SEOs can maintain high rankings by optimizing fast performance factors.

fame - Bartosz-was-the-Keynote-Speaker-at-UnGagged-London-2018.jpg

Bartosz was the Keynote Speaker at UnGagged London 2018

14 Jun 2018

Bartosz was the Keynote speaker at UnGagged London 2018 where he talked about Technical SEO and embracing the chaos that comes with it. It was a great talk and filled with just the right amount of energy and knowledge to kick off the whole event.

fame - Maria-Published-at-Search-Engine-Land.png

Maria Published at Search Engine Land

07 Jun 2018

That sound you just heard was our Senior Technical SEO Consultant Maria Cieslak dropping a mountain of knowledge about JavaScript SEO over at Search Engine Land. “Priorities for Diagnosing JavaScript-powered Websites” is a must read!

fame - SMX-London-Gets-a-Double-Dose.jpg

SMX London Gets a Double Dose of Onely

25 May 2018

SMX is the biggest Search Marketing Conference series worldwide and this year’s SMX London was kicked up a notch by two of Onely's finest: Bartosz Goralewicz and Senior Technical SEO Maria Cieslak. Bartosz talked about the latest in advanced technical SEO (deck here) and Maria focused on what SEOs needed to know about JavaScript and PWAs (deck here). By all accounts, they both did exceedingly well.

fame - wins-“Best-Small-SEO-Agency”-at-the-European-Search-Awards.jpg

We Won “Best Small SEO Agency” at the European Search Awards

17 May 2018

Onely (previously Elephate) was nominated for two awards at this year’s European Search Awards in the categories for Best Small SEO Agency and Best SEO Campaign, and we managed to walk away with the former. We always believed that Onely was special, so this award is both an honor and a confirmation. Onward and upward!

fame - Bartosz-Takes-the-Stage-at-Oracle’s-Modern-Customer-Experience.jpg

Bartosz Takes the Stage at Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience

16 Apr 2018

Bartosz Goralewicz spoke at Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience which was held on April 10-12, 2018.  His two sessions were “Why You Need Technical SEO: Common SEO Issues and How Technical SEO Can Help” and “SEO Triage and Recovery: Stories from the SEO Front Line”. Well done, Bartosz!

fame - Bartosz-Talks-about-the-Chaotic-State-of-JS-SEO-at-SMX-Munich.jpg

Bartosz Talks about the Chaotic State of JS SEO at SMX Munich!

21 Mar 2018

Bartosz joined Merkle’s Max Prin onstage at SMX Munich for a discussion on JavaScript SEO – Can Google Crawl and Index Your Content and What Does It Mean for Tools, Developers and Audits? Bartosz focused on the current chaotic state of JavaScript SEO. You can take a look at his deck right here.

fame - The-story-of-our-success.jpg

The Story of Our Success!

16 Feb 2018

Today, one of the most well-known newspapers in Poland wrote an article about our company. Gazeta Wyborcza tells our story from the beginning.

fame - We’re-an-award-winning-agency.jpg

We’re an Award Winning SEO Agency!

30 Nov 2017

We've only gone and won the Best SEO Campaign at the UK Search Awards. We're excited about this win. It would never have happened without the great campaign we achieved together with Oponeo, a client and partner that always believed and trusted in our efforts towards its growth.

fame - Bartosz-on-Social-Media-Today.jpg

Bartosz on Social Media Today

22 Nov 2017

Social Media Today asked industry experts about the most effective digital marketing channels in 2017 and Bartosz was one of them! Here are Bartosz's thoughts on the subject.  

fame - The-Expert-Track-at-Searchmetrics-Summit.jpg

The Expert Track at Searchmetrics Summit

21 Nov 2017

“The technology that GoogleBot runs on is as old as an iPhone5. And the technology to optimize loading for the user experience has been around since the PlayStation 4”. Well said, Bartosz. So if you want to know more, you should definitely watch the whole presentation from the Berlin edition of the Searchmetrics Summit here. As an added bonus, Bartosz was the top-rated speaker at this event!

fame - UnGagged-was-right-for-us.jpg

UnGagged was Right for Us!

15 Nov 2017

Bartosz shared the stage with many of the leading digital marketing experts from around the world at UnGagged in Las Vegas. Bartosz took a closer look under the hood of Google’s crawling and indexing technology. Best of all, according to the results of the audience in attendance, Bartosz was crowned the top-rated speaker.

fame - Bartosz-participated-at-the-International-JavaScript-Conference.jpg

Bartosz Participated at the International JavaScript Conference!

25 Oct 2017

Bartosz is often invited to attend conferences around the world. In October he explained to International JavaScript Conference attendees in Munich why JavaScript SEO is such a complex topic and spoke about the challenges around JS crawling and indexing.

fame - Moz-three-peat.jpg

Moz Three-peat!

17 Oct 2017

Googlebot can’t crawl or index sites using HTTP/2 alone? Check out the results of Bartosz’s experiment in another Moz article. You may want to continue optimizing for HTTP/1.1 as well.

fame - Another-great-article-published-on-Moz.jpg

Another Great Article Published on Moz!

16 Oct 2017

Here is a new article on Moz by Bartosz. Chrome 41 as a new must-have SEO tool. What does this mean for developers, and how can you use this in your own SEO toolkit? An absolute must-read!

fame - Bartosz-spoke-at-State-of-Search-in-Dallas.jpg

Bartosz Spoke at State of Search in Dallas!

09 Oct 2017

Bartosz spoke at the State of Search conference in Dallas about advanced technical SEO. They say it was a brilliant speech. We are sure of that!

fame - Always-ready-for-SEOktoberfest.jpg

Always ready for SEOktoberfest!

18 Sep 2017

Bartosz and Wojtek were part of the famous 10th SEOktoberfest in Munich. In addition, Bartosz was rated as one of the best speakers there. He made 6th place in a group of the brightest SEO minds gathered under one roof to share their knowledge.

fame - BrightonSEO-stage-was-on-fire.jpg

The BrightonSEO Stage was on Fire!

15 Sep 2017

Bartosz was at BrightonSEO to talk about the results and findings of his SEO experiment about whether or not Google can properly crawl and render JavaScript. Here's the link to his presentation.

fame - Bartosz-writes-for-MOZ-blog.jpg

Bartosz Writes for MOZ’s Blog!

29 Aug 2017

Bartosz published the results of his JavaScript SEO experiment where he checked which JS frameworks are properly crawled and indexed by Google. The results were shocking. You can read more about it over at Moz!

fame - Bartosz-spoke-at-SAScon.jpg

Bartosz Spoke at SAScon!

21 Jul 2017

SAScon is one of the UK’s finest Search, Analytics and Social Media Conferences. In late July, Bartosz was there talking about Technical SEO experiments as a key to Google’s black box.

fame - Were-at-UnGagged-London.png

We’re at UnGagged London!

16 Jun 2017

Bartosz joined the world-class speakers sharing knowledge with the attendees at UnGagged London to talk about “Technical SEO, JavaScript, DOM, HTTP/2, Chrome Dev Tools, Cache-control headers? What all that means and how to get started with technical SEO”.

fame - 1-Search-Marketing-Conference-in-Australia.jpg

#1 Search Marketing Conference in Australia

01 May 2017

Bartosz talked at the Search Marketing Summit about “Delivering Outstanding Results with Technical SEO” and educated attendees about not only the best practices but also advanced SEO solutions.

fame - shortlisted-for-the-2017-European-Search-Awards.png

We were Shortlisted for the 2017 European Search Awards!

27 Apr 2017

We were shortlisted in two categories: “Best Small SEO Agency” and “Best Use of Search – Gaming”.

fame - Best-presentation-at-the-SearchMetrics-Summit.jpg

Best Presentation at the SearchMetrics Summit!

15 Feb 2017

Bartosz was a speaker at this industry-leading event. His answer to “How to Deliver Outstanding Results with Technical SEO?” was rated the best presentation by the summit’s attendees!

fame - shortlisted-for-the-2017-UK-Search-Awards.png

We were Shortlisted for the 2016 UK Search Awards!

30 Nov 2016

We were shortlisted in the “Best SEO Campaign” category for the 2016 UK Search Awards.

fame - RankBrain-tested-for-UnGagged-Las-Vegas-presentation.jpg

RankBrain Tested for Bartosz’s UnGagged Las Vegas Presentation!

16 Nov 2016

Bartosz shared his experiments, research, and the journey he took to stress test RankBrain’s algorithm, revealing both its strengths and weaknesses. Find out what the buzz around RankBrain was really all about.

fame - Bartosz-was-at-the-OnPage-Expert-Event.jpg

Bartosz Keynotes OnPage Expert!

10 Nov 2016

Bartosz was a keynote speaker at the OnPage Expert Event in Munich.

fame - Bartosz-on-the-I-Love-Marketing-stage.jpg

Bartosz on the I Love Marketing Stage!

25 Oct 2016

Bartosz spoke about startup case studies at I Love Marketing.

fame - Shortlisted-for-the-2016-US-Search-Awards.png

Shortlisted for the 2016 US Search Awards!

12 Oct 2016

We were shortlisted in the category for “Best SEO Campaign” for 2016's US Search Awards.

fame - Search-Engine-LAnd.jpg

We were the Top Contributor at Search Engine Land!

12 Aug 2015

Our really popular CTR case study published on SearchEngineLand broke a few records, became “ultra popular” and ended up winning the Search Engine Land Top Columnist Trophy for August 2015.

fame - Read-one-of-our-case-studies-at-DeepCrawl.jpg

Read One of Our Case Studies at DeepCrawl!

20 Jun 2015

We published one of our case studies at DeepCrawl as their tool really helped us with our client’s website.