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Bartosz was a Guest at Google’s Webmaster Central Hangout!

03 Sep 2019

Onely’s CEO Bartosz Goralewicz traveled to Google Zürich to meet with Googlers John Mueller and Martin Splitt for their Google Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangout. It's rare to see an SEO-related guest for the Hangout, so Bartosz was especially honored to be invited.

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Maria Defends JavaScript at Digital Olympus

08 Apr 2019

Did you know that a migration to a JS framework without losing your rankings (and mind) is possible? Head of Technical SEO Maria Cieślak went onstage at Digital Olympus to remind everyone that JavaScript doesn't have to be evil.

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Tomek Joins the SEO Fight Club

03 Apr 2019

Despite the first rule of SEO Fight Club, Tomek Rudzki joined Ryte's Marcus Tandler, Sixt's Izzi Smith, and more on stage at SMX München 2019 to debate controversial SEO theories.

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Bartosz at SMX München 2019

02 Apr 2019

Bartosz Goralewicz was at SMX München 2019 where he discussed "The State of Web Performance in Germany 2019" in front of a packed audience.

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Bartosz and Christian Spoke at UnGagged Las Vegas 2018

04 Nov 2018

Onely's CEO Bartosz Goralewicz and Head of Marketing Christian A. Dumais were at UnGagged Las Vegas 2018. Bartosz took the stage to talk about shameful technical SEO confessions and Christian talked about Stranger SEO. It was a fantastic time for the Onely team!

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Bartosz at SMX East 2018

24 Oct 2018

Bartosz Góralewicz was at SMX East 2018 to talk about SEO Tips & Tricks for JavaScript. He covered how to build and optimize search engine-friendly JavaScript-based sites, techniques to ensure your JS sites rank well, and more!

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Bartosz was Onstage at Digitalzone18

19 Oct 2018

Bartosz Góralewicz was at Digitalzone'18 - the largest digital marketing event in Eastern Europe - where he was on stage talking about "The Aspects of Technical SEO in 2018".

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Maria Loves SEO at We Love SEO!

05 Oct 2018

Maria Cieslak attended WE LOVE SEO in Paris this week and joined a roundtable with other experts like Omi Sido, Gerry White and Chris Green to discuss the following topic: "Demistify SEO: How we can do more with less. Advice from the European frontline." Well done, Maria!

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Bartosz was the Keynote Speaker at UnGagged London 2018

14 Jun 2018

Bartosz was the Keynote speaker at UnGagged London 2018 where he talked about Technical SEO and embracing the chaos that comes with it. It was a great talk and filled with just the right amount of energy and knowledge to kick off the whole event.

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SMX London Gets a Double Dose of Onely

25 May 2018

SMX is the biggest Search Marketing Conference series worldwide and this year’s SMX London was kicked up a notch by two of Onely's finest: Bartosz Goralewicz and Senior Technical SEO Maria Cieslak. Bartosz talked about the latest in advanced technical SEO (deck here) and Maria focused on what SEOs needed to know about JavaScript and PWAs (deck here). By all accounts, they both did exceedingly well.

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Bartosz Takes the Stage at Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience

16 Apr 2018

Bartosz Goralewicz spoke at Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience which was held on April 10-12, 2018.  His two sessions were “Why You Need Technical SEO: Common SEO Issues and How Technical SEO Can Help” and “SEO Triage and Recovery: Stories from the SEO Front Line”. Well done, Bartosz!

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Bartosz Talks about the Chaotic State of JS SEO at SMX Munich!

21 Mar 2018

Bartosz joined Merkle’s Max Prin onstage at SMX Munich for a discussion on JavaScript SEO – Can Google Crawl and Index Your Content and What Does It Mean for Tools, Developers and Audits? Bartosz focused on the current chaotic state of JavaScript SEO. You can take a look at his deck right here.

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